Who Goes With That Nose?

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Juicy Coppertoes

This book that is “SO much more than JUST a book!”


best childrens bookWho Goes With That Nose? The first in a series of educational wildlife “guessing books” for children up to eight years of age.  This entertaining book features adventurous Juicy Coppertoes as she trots across the globe in search of wild animals and the noses that make them unique…  Some you’ll know, some will surprise you.  Set amid exotic landscapes of the different countries that she visits – each section features first only a glimpse of the nose of an animal…  you can say it out loud… “Who Goes With That Nose?”…  then turn the page and the animal is revealed.

It is great fun for kids and their parents. I also includes a glossary to learn more (with some really cool facts that are fun to know!)  about each animal and a world map so the kids can see where it comes from.

There are also hidden animals in the pages…  Juicy’s side kick Ribbit the Frog does some pretty cute stuff… and she is wearing something from each country she visits.

Animal info, Geography info, Cultural info… kids are actually learning while they are having fun.  And correctly guessing the animals is a self esteem builder!

Why Your Kids Will Love It

  • Fun way to learn about wildlife
    Colorful Unique Illustrations
    Hidden surprises in the pictures
    Makes them smile and feel good

Why You Will Love It

  • Teaches wildlife, geography and critical thinking
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Easy and fun to read
  • You’ll love the illustrations too

 It’s Not Just Another Children’s Book.

Sure it is educational, fun and wildly entertaining… it’s also a start to saving the earth.

It helps children fall in love with animals while planting the seeds of conservation.

Why Wild Animals Will Love It

Juicy Coppertoes, is a Cartoon with a CauseTM.   We are a company with a cause… to save wildlife and the wild places that they live.  A portion of all proceeds from the sales of our products is donated to organizations committed to wildlife conservation.

The illustrations are beautiful and the rhymes are fun! 

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