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Who Goes With That Nose? was designed with the teacher in mind.  It is a great book to read to the class… educating children about animals in a fun guessing format which helps to build self-esteem.

It is rhyme based – so that allows high readability and is perfect for special needs classes.

There are many layers to the book.  In addition to learning the animals – there are also hidden animals in the pictures that allow the students to further investigate.

We bring in a geography component through the the map of the world that shows where the animals are from – and the page numbers are embedded in the shapes of the corresponding countries.

There are also cultural references as Juicy wears something that is indicative of each country she is in.

There is a glossary with education as well as  fun facts about each of the animals in the book.

We did the work for you! 

Lastly – there is a FREE Activity Book that you can download… which has many fun activities… including word searches, animal quiz, “find the difference” pictures, country matching with the animals and much more.  There are also coloring pages that they can use to express their own creativity.

Here is a photo of some of the activities in the book: (click to enlarge)

Parents Activity Guide

Click HERE to download the Activity Book.