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Animal Childrens book

Mike Kobert Giggling Gorilla ProductionsMichael Kobert
– Zoologist and animal expert, Michael developed his passion for animals at the tender age of four after a chance meeting with a California King snake led to a life long pursuit of anything to do with wildlife.  An accomplished animal manager and trainer, Michael uses his knowledge and experience to help others appreciate and respect the natural world and all of its residents.  Michael is married and lives in San Diego with this wife and six animal children.

Dona Donato Gigglig Gorilla Productions
Dona Donato
– Dona grew up as a Navy brat traveling the world with her animal-loving family.  A passion for wildlife and a belief that the future is in our children’s hands – sparked these stories to inspire kids to protect animals.  As with all great ideas this one was formulated in the bathtub.  The name Juicy Coppertoes was derived from Dona’s nickname and her toenail polish.  She resides with her awesome husband, furry family members and several snakes.

Laurie Fuller Artist
Laurie Fuller
– Laurie is an animal-loving freelance artist who lives in San Diego with her husband, two dogs and two cats.  Her career has spanned three decades and has been a whirlwind tour of many aspects of art and design including clothing design, advertising design, art for online games, mural work and book illustration.  She loves children, animals and nature, which makes this project one of the most important and exciting of her life.


Juicy Coppertoes Team – In this case – it really did take a village.  Lots of kids… well, adults behaving like kids actually, got together to play with the most endearing rhymes.  And educator extraordinaire Mary Rowe Sample made sure that the book had all the elements that teachers would love … including high readability and making sure that the book would be beneficial for special needs students across a range of grades as well!