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Mark Victor Hansen and Jim Fowler

What the expert naturalist and author say:

Jim Fowler Wild KingdomeJim Fowler (Star of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, naturalist, author)

“I believe an appreciation for animals must start at an early age.  Children, parents and educators will all have fun reading “Who Goes With That Nose? as they guess and play their way to a strong, lifelong connection with wild animals and the natural world”.

Chicken Soup for the SoulMark Victor Hansen (Co-creator #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul)

“Meet and fall in love with the Natural World by reading and re-reading this totally enjoyable book:  Who Goes With That Nose?  I love the lyrical rhymes, beautiful illustrations and heart touching pages.

Most Important….  What the parents say:

ribbit favicon copy“We have read this book WAY too many times… lol!  My daughter wants to read it every night to show me she knows all the animals.”
~ Jamie J.

ribbit favicon copy“What a thoroughly delightful book for children. Besides learning about animals, and various parts of the world, it teaches conservation, and love of animals. It is wonderful to have the child participate in reading and guessing the animals, and finding the frog in each picture. I found the book at the San Diego Zoo, and I am looking forward to future books.”
~ Kimmie S

ribbit favicon copy“With luscious illustrations and an important and engaging storyline…this book has it all.”
~ Greg W.

ribbit favicon copy“Who Goes with The Nose remains my niece’s favorite “read” and the artwork is rich, comical and engaging. The message is right on the money. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  For animal lovers of all ages, this is a gem.”
~ Lisa S.

ribbit favicon copy“My five-year-old absolutely LOVES this book! We read it together every night and she can’t wait to guess the animals. She also loves finding the frog in all the pictures and laughing at his silly poses. We can’t wait for the next book in the series.”
~ Caroline M.

A Review in Awareness Magazine:

Conservation for Kids
The Wild Adventures of Juicy Coppertoes

Written by Michael Kobert & Dona Donato
Illustrated by Laurie Fuller

This fun and colorful book follows young Juicy Coppertoes as she travels the world on a safari adventure. Each time she spots a nose, she tries to figure out what animal it belongs to. She encounters gorillas, an elephant, and pandas as well as lesser-known animals like a platypus and a man-drill.

Kids will have a great adventure spotting the noses and seeing the animals in their native habitats. They can also have fun finding the other animals in the pictures, and tracking down the frog on each page. They will laugh at the different hats Juicy wears for different locations.

Even the page numbers are educational and fun, written on colorful continents that identify the animals’ homes. The first page is a world map with the animals’ noses placed on their locations. The glossary has facts about each of the animals in the book. The very last page even has a place for a child to draw or paste a picture of their face, so they look like they are on safari too.

The illustrations are realistic but have the feel of a cartoon, lighthearted and friendly. They manage to contain a great deal of detail without feeling overdone or fussy.

This is the first book in a series about Juicy Coppertoes, dedicated to helping children learn about wildlife and the natural world.

Highly recommended for children through age 8.

Published by Giggling Gorilla Productions, LLC, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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