Juicy and Friends

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kids for peace

This educational book is fun for kids and fun for the entire family!  It endears everyone who picks it up to the animal characters between the covers.  Readers can’t help but fall in love with Juicy Coppertoes and her animal friends as she opens the door to the important cause of conservation.

Not Just Animals! 

It is not just her animals friends that are the stars of the show…  Juicy also has human  friends from all around world – with different cultures and backgrounds.  Juicy loves them all.

As the star of our wildlife book series, she leads children on an around-the-world adventure in fun and educational guessing books.  Responsible and adventurous, she and her group of friends from across the globe engage kids in learning, make them smile and appreciate the diversity of humans and the animals with which we share the earth.

Juicy is on a solo adventure in “Who Goes With That Nose?”.  Each book after that will feature travels with one of her friends from around the world.  Each will be an engaging character and be a model for how we can love everyone from around the planet.

With playful names like Winkle Jollysocks, Bindi Summerduck and Shrimpy Picklesmith… you can be sure the adventures to come will be colorful and fun!

Read Juicy’s POEM here: