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Who Goes with that nose?


INTRODUCING JUICY’S BOOK – “Who Goes With That Nose?”a wildlife guessing book everyone is raving about!

who goes with that noseJUICY IS A HERO…  Juicy Coppertoes is a  hero for our times.  With her emphasis on learning through fun and her deep love of the natural world, she teaches children about wildlife and conservation. All the while, honoring the traditions of the people from her global travels.  She is a model for kids.

SHE’S AN ADVENTURER…  Juicy, as the star of our wildlife book series, leads children on an around-the-world adventure in fun and educational guessing books.  Responsible and adventurous, she and her group of friends from across the globe engage kids in learning, make them smile  and appreciate the diversity of humans and the animals with which we share the earth.

JUICY IS A STAR… Juicy is the star of a book series – beginning with the first release – “Who Goes With That Nose?” a wildlife guessing book that features helps kids fall in love with the natural world – and each correct guess boosts the young reader’s self esteem.

who goes with that noseJuicy coppertoesArmed with her trusty side kick Ribbit-the-Frog – each of Juicy’s upcoming adventures will feature her as she travels around the world with all of her friends from around the globe.

The second book “Who Hears With Those Ears?” is the next book of the series that will be released.  See all of them here:

A cartoon series of her adventures is in pre-production discussions.